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The Persons with Disabilities and Rehabilitation Programme Plan formulated by the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee has been released.  For details, please visit the website of the Labour and Welfare Bureau (www.lwb.gov.hk).

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In 2017, the Government has tasked the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee to formulate the Rehabilitation Programme Plan (RPP) in two years. A consultant team led by the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (the Consultant Team) was commissioned to assist the formulation of the new RPP. The Consultant Team is consisted of different scholars from each department under the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Throughout the process, public engagement events will be held to gather opinions from relevant stakeholders and other interested parties.
The public can register for public engagement activities, submit opinion and check relevant information through this online platform.

There are three stages of public engagement, namely Scoping Stage, Formulation of Recommendations Stage, and Consensus Building Stage.

Consulting Team

Prof. Hector Tsang, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Prof. Marco Pang, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Dr. Raymond Chung, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Dr. Shirley Ching, School of Nursing
Dr. Qiaobing Wu, Department of Applied Social Sciences
Dr. Allen Cheong, School of Optometry
Dr. Tony To, Department of Health Technology and Informatics
Prof. Daniel Shek, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Dr. Michael Yiu (Honourable Advisor)

Consultancy Documents

Full Report on Formulation of Recommendations Stage (Chinese version only)

Consensus Building Stage – Information Pack for Participants 

Full Report on Consensus Building Stage (Chinese version only)



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